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If You Remember No Other Traffic Tip, Remember This One

WARNING: I AM BREAKING THE RULES HERE. This post is neither short, pithy, or catered to web-ADHD. This post is for people with an adult-level attention span. If that is not you, go check out Gawker or Boing Boing for your sugar rush. Thanks!

There are too many traffic tips out there. Way too many. There are too many Top 10 lists and too many How-to articles about getting traffic to your blog.

With so many "Easy Steps" lists relating to traffic, why is blogging such a revolving door? It is, you realize. There's a reason that most of the "professional blogger" sites cater their content to newbies and neophytes.

New bloggers quit, newer bloggers show up.

Old bloggers don't need all this advice. They need some, but not this much. You see, new bloggers are, in fact, a market segment. Are we tracking?

It's far too easy to find newbie blogging tips. The bitch of it is, most of these lists omit, downplay or vague-out on the most important tip there is.

Let's look…

42 Ways to Make More Money With Adsense

Miracle Traffic Bot Remember: Adsense doesn't make you money; traffic makes you moneyWrite posts that link to good content on higher-ranked sites in your niche. If your traffic is low, click on those links yourself - webmasters will take notice.Post on forums in your niche and add your site to your signatureSubmit articles to article directoriesUse Technorati TagsSubmit your best articles to Digg and Del.icio.usComment on other blogs with similar themes to yoursBecome a regular on several similarly-themed blogs you likeUse Google SitemapsWrite about well-known people in your nicheUse a blogroll, but only add sites that you would really recommend. Less is more.Read Problogger
Remember: Good content + good advertising = trafficChoose a niche you're passionate aboutPost/write an article/add content every day (update: or don't)
Make your content unique and usefulBe timely: break news, comment on new information, become a valuable source of interesting new stuffBe yourself. If you…

I Knew Nick Denton Was a Bastard


Are You a Blogling?

Tom says you are. Not sure I want to use that particular term, but I like the article. Here's the summary:

1. Join the conversation.

I.e., don't expect traffic to come to you just because you're adding content to your blog. Get out there and comment, people will take notice and check you out.

While I agree with this, it really depends on the kind of content you're writing. For instance, this blog gets a lot more traffic from web searches, Technorati and other blog directories than I could ever get from commenting on other blogs.

I could probably stop commenting on other blogs without any significant loss in traffic; but being a traffic ho' pretty much guarantees that won't happen.

2. Don't spend too much time trying to get links from the big boys.

If a site like Problogger linked to you, you'd get a bunch of traffic; but a site like Problogger probably won't link to you. Focus your traffic efforts elsewhere (say, on blogs that aren't miles ahead of yo…

Adsense Dying? I'm Not Buying.

Adsense, as we know it, is ending.

(Not really.)

But a title at Copyblogger that reads, "It’s the End of AdSense as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)", does make it sound that way. The post itself is referring to this li'l report here; a study finding that advertisers wasted about $800 million on bogus clicks in 2005. It found that 15% of clicks are dirty.

That's not just Adsense click fraud; they're talking about Yahoo and all the rest as well. Are we surprised? Nah'.

Most Adwords advertisers are already well aware that conversion rates on ads that run on independent websites (as opposed to search results) are For Sucks, in general. However, depending on the kind of ads you're running and the ratio of slimy-suck-punk ass websites to good websites they show up on, it can be worth it.

Personally, the ads I run show up on Google searches only. For instance, I'm fond of selling Rhapsody(aff) subscriptions, but running those ads on independent websites isn't g…


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Make Your Blog Better: Don't Make This Mistake

Please, please: don't post on your whereabouts. We don't care where you are.

Looking around for new feeds to suck on (stop it), I came across a "popular blog" -- or shall I say "successful blog"? -- whatever; it was a blog that people think is all that. The first two posts were all about some trip to somewhere-or-other and what country said blogger currently was in.

Blink. Yawn. Bye.

Sure, the blogger in question probably doesn't care that he's losing a potential subscriber here and there due to putting them to sleep; after all, the money's rolling in. But hey, just because you're making a bunch of money doesn't mean you can't make more. This is America.

And if you don't happen to be a "successful blogger"/"pro blogger"/"numero uno blogger", you really can't afford to be the blogging sandman. So, tell us something cool. Your geographical disposition is, shall we say, not.

If you have already committe…

Adsense Anonymous: Confessions

This is just way too much drama over putting a little Adsense banner on her blog. I don't mean to laugh at her pain... and I didn't. I just smiled a little.

Woke Up This Morning: "I don't know if you noticed the adverts that appeared on the left hand side.

I always said I would rather stick a fork in my eye that(sic) put adverts on my site, and let me tell you, if I could find a fork, I might be heading towards a hospital right about now."

(...insert more self-loathing...)

And then the best part:

"If it makes you feel any better, I labelled the div they are contained in "sellout" because that is what it is."

Ouch. Looking over the blog, I'd hardly call it a charity gig. Just a web diary-type affair. Nothing wrong with getting a little ad revenue to cover the costs.

But you know, if it causes you this much pain to use Adsense, why not consider a tip jar? Hell, you could even call it a "Karma Jar".

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