Make Your Blog Better: Don't Make This Mistake

Please, please: don't post on your whereabouts. We don't care where you are.

Looking around for new feeds to suck on (stop it), I came across a "popular blog" -- or shall I say "successful blog"? -- whatever; it was a blog that people think is all that. The first two posts were all about some trip to somewhere-or-other and what country said blogger currently was in.

Blink. Yawn. Bye.

Sure, the blogger in question probably doesn't care that he's losing a potential subscriber here and there due to putting them to sleep; after all, the money's rolling in. But hey, just because you're making a bunch of money doesn't mean you can't make more. This is America.

And if you don't happen to be a "successful blogger"/"pro blogger"/"numero uno blogger", you really can't afford to be the blogging sandman. So, tell us something cool. Your geographical disposition is, shall we say, not.

If you have already committed this grave sin, delete your "I'm currently in beautiful Hawaii" post and replace it with "Hula girls have really bad attitudes and they hate us all."


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