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How To Annoy The Entire Blogosphere

1. Ask a blogger for a favor, especially if you have no intention of reading their blog.
Bonus points for starting your request like-a-so: "Hi, I don't read your blog, but would you mind..."
2. Use messaging on social networking sites (StumbleUpon, MyBlogLog) to ask people to visit your site.
Bonus points for not visiting the sites of those you ask.
3. Sport the dollar signs in your eyes with pride. Whether it be links, traffic or money, we're all here to serve you. Demonstrate your dedication to self-enrichment with every comment, email and post.

4. Avoid writing comments that resemble actual conversation. Comments that begin and end with "Great post!", "I agree!", or "Ditto!" are best.
Bonus points for fawning.5. Copy another blogger's content.
Bonus points for not linking to their original post. They love that.Gold star for submitting your copy to Digg.
6. Borrow heavily from another blogger's post, or repeat their news. Perform no ha…

The 1-Step Plan Guaranteed To Get Readers For Your Blog

This article is for those who have read metric tons of "how to get traffic" articles and either:
have yet to see encouraging results, orjust want to find out what this so-called "guaranteed 1-step plan" is.
The typical list we're familiar with looks something like this:
Use social networkingLink effectivelyComment wellBe active on forumsBlahBlahBlah to the Blah
That's all fine advice (especially the "blah" part), but we'd all appreciate more than recycled versions of the conventional wisdom. Conventional wisdom is valid as far as it goes, but also tends to be overly-general and far from guaranteed. Let's change that.

The 1-Step Plan To Get Readers For Your Blog
Have A Conversation With One Person
As in, two-way communication. Dialogue. One-on-one. A real, actual conversation.

You might link to other blogs, write good content and comment all over the place, but how often do you actually connect with someone else through a real conversation? ("…

The Commenting Cool Kids

The people listed below are but a small selection of the outstanding commenters here at FTM, each of whom has a blog well worth checking out.

The comments section of a blog is where its true life is. While monologuing has its place (particularly when a would-be hero lies helpless in your clutches), dialog is the true key to success in the world of words that is the blogosphere.

For challenging us with your unique perspective, raising the level of dialog, or just being plain sassy, I salute you:

Ms. Q: An amusing muse
Jonathan Philips: Reservoir of positivity
Liz Strauss: The original SOB
Avinash: Just cool
Jesse Somer: Bane of the impetuous
Kumiko: Certifiably enthusiasticAndy Beard: Remarkably sane
Two Knives: Whose blades are not ceremonial.