The Commenting Cool Kids

The people listed below are but a small selection of the outstanding commenters here at FTM, each of whom has a blog well worth checking out.

The comments section of a blog is where its true life is. While monologuing has its place (particularly when a would-be hero lies helpless in your clutches), dialog is the true key to success in the world of words that is the blogosphere.

For challenging us with your unique perspective, raising the level of dialog, or just being plain sassy, I salute you:

  • Kumiko: Certifiably enthusiastic


  1. Thanks for mentioning me once again, sir! Lately, I've been a bit busy in reading books so unable to leave comments like I used to do. Hopefully I'll finish reading all the books in a week and the good old days will return back!

    By the way, someone is missing in the pic? Only 7 people in the group while there are total 8 listed in your list! j/k

  2. Hi Avinash,
    I was wearing all white when the picture was taken that's why you don't see me. :)

    Thanks John, for getting my title right. :)

  3. Avinash, good sir; while I liked the picture at first glance, further examination narrowed my eyes. Beside there being more male silhouettes than female (statistically questionable), their attire appears stereotypical to about 50 years ago.

    At any rate, the picture stays; because, you know, I slack.

  4. Liz, you're most welcome. I bet you were wearing slacks, too; you could have redeemed that picture. :(

  5. Thanks for the mention and thanks for all your great posts that make me think.

    You have also led me to some interesting blogs - I'm all for finding new writers!

  6. Yeah MsQ, recommendations from other bloggers are the most common way I find new (good) ones. I search for new ones on my own now and then (technorati, Google blog search, etc), but ugh... needles and haystacks.

  7. Hey John! Hope you're doing good sir! Thank you very much for the mention and linkage! I like that: reservoir of positivity" sounds good ! :)

  8. @Liz: Hello! :) It's glad to see you everywhere in the blogosphere! From FTM to Chris G. to Wisdump, and so on..

    By the way, I see three ladies in the pic so you are certainly not hidden. :-)

    I seriously need to spend some time over at SOB main site.

    @John: All jokes aside, I've to admit that you are good at selecting smart people. I visited all the blogs listed in your list, except mine, and found great authors with knives, etc!

    I visited Kumiko, unfortunately my dad was sitting close to me and this site had a pic that made my dad's face questionable! I'll visit this blog/site later.

    @Ms.Q: You are indeed questionable! j/k

    @J. C. Phillips: Hello sir! How can we talk to you when you won't tell your status? :)

    Well.. I've bookmarked all the blogs, except mine, Kumiko and 2 knives. She was already in my bookmarks. See you all later somewhere in the blogosphere..

    - Avi

  9. Two KnivesApril 01, 2007

    Thanks John. You excel at keeping the dialogue going on your own blog. That's something I learned from you -- and am trying harder to do!

  10. Yo Jonathan,

    I'm doing great, thanks. Been working on the Next Big Thing for a while now, but had to take a few minutes out to thank some of you awesome people.

  11. Haha Avinash... yeah, Kumiko evidently decided to take a walk on the risque side for this fine day of April 1.

  12. TK my friend; check out Liz' blog to see who taught me the same thing. She really does have a secret plan for world domination.

  13. Fore some reason I hate commenting on Blogger Blogs. You can no longer see the original post, etc...

    Getting rid of the Nofollow tag on the comments would also be a big plus. I don't even know if you have the freedom to do that or not with blogger though.

  14. Hi Avinash, thanx for pointing that out, i just realized my skype setting was set to invisible... changed it :) (now it's either online, offline or anything in between, but no more "i'm not telling" hehe) So you can talk with me now! :)

    John, i'm curious, what's that "next big thing"?


  15. Hi Hawaii,

    Can't disagree with you, Blogger comments are a little subpar. I've been reading about the nofollow thing, too... I'll be looking into those issues. Thanks for your feedback.

  16. Jonathan - classified. >:D

  17. Avi - I checked out your site as well as profile and see that we're both Pisces! Not that this means anything in particular other than we both recently had birthdays!

    I have also bookmarked everyone listed - they were already bookmarked (like Liz's and Kumiko's) or I added them.

    Hawaii SEO: I'm not into the Blogger comment method but as my mom says (to most everything), "Such are the wages of sin."

    For some reason, this response does seem apropos for most situations.

    Another annoying behaviour of blogger is that the word verification expires or something. I'll enter in the word and since I've spent so long typing it it won't take the original word and I have to enter in the new one.

    Anyway, you can see the original post by clicking on the "Show Original Post" link. It took me a while to notice this myself.

  18. Jesse S. SomerApril 03, 2007

    Hi John,

    Bane of the impetuous eh? That mean I'm a harbinger of ideas that are often not well thought out beforehand. Hmmm. Not a bad description. :-) I thought I was just being 'sassy'.

    Ok, back to the topic at hand. Your little promotional message (It's always nice on the ego to be recognised for something, too bad the ego is often so limited in depth, and all-too-fragile)about how the 'true life' of blogging is found in the 'comments' section got me 'thinking'...At least I like to call it that-it's really more of a grinding of ball-bearings in the bowl of goo that my species likes to call a 'mind'.

    I wrote this post, 'Blogging sure beats talking to your face.'


    As always the intellectual, thoughtful speak-after-you-think types will find errors in my arguement, and I hope they do...However, you could agree on a few ideas as well.

    You got to 'name' a bunch of people, so I'll take a chance and give you a little nickname:

    John 'Finding the Money': Oddball extraordinaire: Money Mogul with a Heart of Gold, and Morals of a Sage.

    P.S. I was the one not found in the picture. My blogging 'self' is not yet formed enough to create a shadow.

  19. Yo Jesse,

    I'll take that title. "Oddball extraordinaire" is a good qualifier for the rest. >:)

    I read your latest post when it came out, and it is damn thought-provoking (as I'm coming to expect). I'm hoping to catch up with you on a couple things now, time permitting.

  20. Jesse SomerApril 04, 2007

    Geez I can be dim-witted.

    Could the 'Bane of the impetuous' name have been implying that I am a scourge upon all those who don't think before they 'speak' (write)? That's nice, if it's what you were thinking...However, as I know my own spaghetti-filled colander brain better than most-This in actuality would mean that I am the Bane of myself (paradox)... :-)

  21. jesse
    AAt this time of night I think it's looking like you should start a vocabulary blog. :)

    John, now everything I write sounds like a Liz-raht. I'm curse. :)

  22. Hey Jesse - That's closer to what I had in mind...

    Liz - I like the idea of Liz rants anyway. >:)

  23. @Ms.Q: Thanks for letting me know about your astrological sign, only if I could understand what does it mean!

    And wow! So your birth month is March? :)

    @J. C. Phillips: Alright, sir! I'll talk to you someday if you let me see that you're online. lol

  24. I never should have told you about the Liz rants. . . .

    It's like the story of the frozen turkey in my trunk. My cousin Barry says it wasn't stupid to leave it there. Stupid was telling him about it.

  25. It's not like I'm scrutinizing every sentence over your shoulder with a chesire grin. Or is it... >:D

  26. Not every sentence, you skim past the boring ones. I know that. I do too.

  27. Speaking of boring, Bloggy question 43 is NOT. I must needs comment post-haste.

  28. Now, there's a turn of a phrase that points to a time spent living in Texas . . . Did you have a past life in Texas? That might could explain a few things JFTM.

  29. If I had a past life as a Texan, he must have done something bad to get stuck being born in Seattle this time around. >:)

    And then moving to LA, no less. Poor little Texan. :(

    My partner was born in Texas, though, so you might be on to something here...


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