Are You a Blogling?

Tom says you are. Not sure I want to use that particular term, but I like the article. Here's the summary:

1. Join the conversation.

I.e., don't expect traffic to come to you just because you're adding content to your blog. Get out there and comment, people will take notice and check you out.

While I agree with this, it really depends on the kind of content you're writing. For instance, this blog gets a lot more traffic from web searches, Technorati and other blog directories than I could ever get from commenting on other blogs.

I could probably stop commenting on other blogs without any significant loss in traffic; but being a traffic ho' pretty much guarantees that won't happen.

2. Don't spend too much time trying to get links from the big boys.

If a site like Problogger linked to you, you'd get a bunch of traffic; but a site like Problogger probably won't link to you. Focus your traffic efforts elsewhere (say, on blogs that aren't miles ahead of you).

Sound advice. Haven't gotten linkage from any of the Cool Kids, myself; haven't tried. Being a smart-ass has gotten me yelled at by Darren (Problogger) and Brian (Copyblogger), though. I 'm thinking that isn't quite the same thing.

3. Post a lot, comment a lot, become a regular at a few good blogs, follow the golden rule.

All good stuff. I'd add: use Technorati tags, link to good posts and add good thoughts to them, be yourself, and swear like a sailor.


Tom Vander Well said...

Thanks for the link-love. Glad you found it worthwhile and glad to have found your blog.


John said...

Pleasure's all on this side of the blogsphere, sir. Keep on doing what you're doing. :)

Brian Clark said...

I'll link to you the next time I get a chance. You may be a smartass, but you seem plain smart as well. :)

John said...

Thanks, Brian, that is high praise. I need to immortalize it somewhere on this blog. Like a testimonial.8)

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