5 Bald Bloggers

So, I mentioned the trend of popular blogs run by white bald guys. I was so not kidding.

The Five

Darren of Problogger
Blog: General blog money-making stuff.
Random info: What he says about The Bald.

Jeremy of Shoemoney
Blog: Internet money-making.
Random info: Randy of Besting Adwords is mad at him.

Stowe of Get Real
Blog: Tech news
Random info: He changed his picture at some point and somebody cared.

Seth of SGB.
Blog: Marketing-type info
Random info: He thinks all marketers are liars.

Craig of Craigblog
Blog: Whatever interests the Craigslist guy.
Random info: I hate their forum system.

And an Honorable Mention:

Steve of Micro Persuasion
Marketing and what-not
Random info: You don't get a random blurb for being a runner-up. Not necessarily a bad thing.


  1. AnonymousJune 26, 2006

    I couldn't leave a comment on the Problgger and the second one. What's up with them !

  2. You got me, man. Never had a problem commenting at Problogger; never tried at Shoemoney.

  3. AnonymousJune 27, 2006

    Is there any way to comntact hese people, i am looking for forum moderators. JC involved.


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