Shoemoney Dirty?

YPN Showcases spammer: "I found YPN's showcasing with Jeremy Shoemaker pretty disturbing. Jeremy runs a Website called which I recently found was spamming me. I sent Jeremy a reply indicating that spamming was against the AdSense terms. He replied 'I guess its a good thing I dont use adsense anymore ;)'. I noticed he had converted entirely to YPN. Anybody know the reason? Was he banned from AdSense for spamming? I replied back that Yahoo! doesn't permit spamming either, but haven't heard further. This last email was sent only yesterday and today he's highlighted by YPN. It's pretty disturbing to me that Yahoo! is showcasing a spammer, but it's entirely possible that they don't know he's a spammer, so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. Please spread this blog entry, if only to educate Yahoo! about who they are dealing with."


  1. You have to look at what he has for them. On average he spends 25k+ a month on advertising, probably more.. And then he turns around and makes them lots more money by getting the clicks.

    ROI for G, Y or anyone.. they dont care as long as he brings in the money. the rules are only for the small ppl.

  2. You speak the truth. Google's TOS is intentionally vague enough to allow them leeway to choose which situations are the most beneficial to them.


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