The Coolest Kids in the Room
Being on this blogrolls means that I like your blog and I like you. No other requirements.

Blogbloke (Blog Tips)
The Bloke's been around the blogging scene for a long time -- it makes him a little grumpy, but lovable. If you need to know about blogging and new media, he's been there and done that. Hit him up.

iWoodpecker (Web traffic and promotion)
Allan's a great relationship blogger and knows his stuff when it comes to promoting your blog. He's assembled some badass resource posts on the subject as well.

Kikolani (Social media)
One of the nicer bloggers you're likely to meet, and a dedicated student of all things social media. Her weekly roundup posts are worth reading every time.

Successful Blog (Indescribable)
Liz Strauss is one of my blogging heroes. Scratch that-- I have one blogging hero, and she's it. If you care in the slightest about becoming a successful blogger -- whatever your definition of "success" may be -- she's your girl. Read her, love her.

Pot Politics (Blogging and whatever crazy thing John wants to ramble about that day)
John's an original. He's a relationship blogger, an online money-maker, a 5-minute post-writer who doesn't sweat all that editing stuff, and of course, a lover of the ganja. You can love him or hate him, but he's as real as they come.

Online Marketing Blog (Internet Marketing)
Jack's a dedicated marketing blogger and a very nice guy. His info is always solid, he's generous and polite and he plays a great straight man when you want to mess with someone.

Am I missing anyone -- you, perhaps? Let me know in the comments section. If I have any good qualities, memory ain't one them.

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