Paid Surveys That Work

The "paid surveys" field is quite the swamp of scams and unsavory characters. Granted, unsavory characters are occasionally cool; but that aside, we don't like swamps and we definitely don't like scams. So, welcome to the oasis. Any superstars in the paid surveys field will be listed here as (or if) we find them.

Paid Surveys
PineCone Research
BBB Rating: A-
Owned By: The Nielson Company

You can check them out at their website, but you can't sign up there. PineCone Research recruits new members at various times during the year using banner campaigns. If you want to sign up, try a Google search on something like "join PineCone Research". On average, users receive about four surveys per month.

Why to Join:
  • Genuine surveys: actual marketing research, not ads
  • Fast payments: complete a survey, get $3 dollars by PayPal the next day (or have a check sent)
  • Low risk of shenanigans: owned by the Nielson Company

That's All For Now
Check back later, or tell us about your experiences with paid surveys. Legitimate opportunity or hive of scum and villainy?


  1. Very interesting. I shall have to keep an eye out for these guys. Maybe set up a Google alert so I don't miss out.

  2. Hey Angel - Good to hear from you. I'll be your Google alert today: there's currently a link to the signup form at this site.


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