A Free Ebook Worth Reading? (Or My Review of Chris Garrett's "Killer Flagship Content")

I've read a number of ebooks - paid and free - and have come to rely on their nigh-monolithic failure to approach the charm of, say, your typical dentist's drill. Therefore, Chris Garrett's excellent ebook, "Killer Flagship Content", has slightly screwed up my whole idea of God, right and wrong, the universe, etc.

I already subscribe to Chris' blogs because I like his writing. Had it been almost anyone else, the mere utterance of the words "ebook" and "killer" would have ended the story right there; but it wasn't just anyone, so I decided to scan it. Then I read it. Then I started taking notes. In other words, it was the hotness.

Atypical of free ebooks, there's no sales language or anything to buy (unless you consider "sales" to be one invitation to subscribe to his RSS feed, which I would encourage anyway). Instead, it gives practical advice that can get you thinking about new ways to distinguish your blog from the rest.

Who Should Read it?

Whether this ebook is for you depends on how well you can answer these questions:
  • Why should someone read your blog over others with a similar topic? Can you easily point to something that represents your blog's unique value?
  • Does your content adequately convert visitors into loyal readers?
  • Do people often link to you when your topic is being discussed?
  • Do your readers regularly spread the word about your best content?
These issues (and other important ones) are addressed in 14 pages of easy reading. Is "flagship content" a radical new concept? Not really (what is?), but it's an under-utilized concept that can make almost any blog a better one. "Even 'Exotic Sock Puppets of the World?'" Yes, even.

My only criticism: while easy enough to scan or read, it could use an editing makeover. The grammar made me wince at times. Also, there were a couple of somewhat butchered words right at the end, which isn't the best note to end on (yes, that is me ending a sentence with a preposition - I disagree with that so-called rule).

Closing Thoughts

I was familiar with the idea of "flagship content", and could recognize it on various blogs, but its practical value never quite made sense to me. Reading through Chris' ebook brought on the realization that content I'd already written could be built up and tweaked into something of much greater long-term value.

Bottom line: Whether your blogging goals are financial, personal, or you're just starving for attention (hi!), this is one free ebook worth reading.

To get "Killer Flagship Content", subscribe to Chris Garretts' RSS Feed here (the link is in the feed).


  1. I think I'll take a little peek at his ebook. Thnx for blogging about it! :)

  2. Hey Sania,

    Good call. (:< I think you'll like his blog, too. -j

  3. Hi John... sooo... what do you think of God, right, and wrong? ;-)

    Your blog is so great!


  4. Hi Jen,

    Now that would be interesting post... (:<


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