This is The Greatest and Best Post In The World... (tribute)

You had a personality (and it didn't suck)
discovered something new that made us want
to try our luck

No "How To" post for love of Digg,
it's something new you said -
no millionth link to Problogger (which we've already read)

You made us think, or maybe smile
(sans web-A.D.D crap),
you made us STOP, or be inspired -
no sugar spinal tap

The title hooked, the promise kept
to rss we fed it,
and there was no link to Copyblogger (we've already read it)


  1. This is the greatest and best comment in the world.

    (someone was going to say it!)


  2. That's the secret- it's all in the 'tude.

    Did you figure out your Google traffic issue, by the way? -j

  3. Very clever.

    Smart site too. I'm enjoying it.

  4. Hey Matt,

    Thank you very much, I try to keep things lively. Sock puppets next, I think. -j


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