The Secret of Link-Baiting For Small Blogs

So you discovered the concept of link-baiting, but it isn't working for your readership-challenged blog. Chances are, you're baiting the wrong people.

Who are the right people? Why will they read our blog? Who do we have to lay What do we have to do to get a link in this town? The answers are so, so simple.

Who Are the Right People?

The right people are bloggers somewhat more successful than ourselves. Additionally, we:
  • Like them
  • Read their blogs regularly
  • Actively contribute to their community
Why Will They Read Our Blog?

Because we provide them with readers. Oh, yes. Call it enlightened self-interest.

Want to get the right people to read your blog? Follow this simple rule: a link is not enough.

Me, I'm easy; if you link to me and click that link, you're fairly assured of a visit (because, you know, I'm bored). The majority of popular/busy bloggers are not. Therefore, if you're going to link to someone, make that link damn compelling. Actually liking the post to which you're linking is a good start; then accurately convey that interest to your readers. When you start sending readers someone's way, they are highly likely to check you out.

Why the Right Readers Will Gladly Link to You

You did them a favor and it's likely that they'll be happy to return it - if they can. To get this reciprocal love, make it easy for them by doing all the work: give them link-bait.

Not just any link-bait, though. Ours needs to be a cut-above. No spammy digg-bait like "942 Ways to [Do Trite Thing]". We want fresh, solid, scannable content with a great title. (If you want just any-old link-bait, remove "fresh" and "solid").

This is just the kind of content that any blogger wants to link to; and if you've got a positive relationship with that blogger... oh yeah, you'll be feeling the link love.

The secret of link-baiting for small blogs? Bait the right people.

Did you know? Copyblogger has a sexy guide on designing surefire link-bait headlines (it's all in the title, after all).


  1. Yo Roger,

    Thanks, sir. -j

  2. hey interesting post, i'm still not sure wether linkbaiting is a good or a bad thing, but you're right, you gotta bait the right people! :)

  3. Yo Jon-

    Yeah, the term "link-bait" is getting a somewhat negative connotation in some circles. True link-bait is just as good as any other content, just packaged a little differently. -j

  4. Well said, Jon! When you get down to it, it's all about relationships. And they take work!

    Luckily, I don't do it for the money...

  5. Hey Bob,

    ...and relationships/networking is getting easier and easier (if not a little convoluted). -j


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