Posts of Note - 2/16/07

Dosh Dosh - A Very Simple Method to Increase your RSS Subscribers & MyBloglog community members.

The idea is that instead of pointing your comment name-link to your blog, use your RSS feed or MyBlogLog community page instead. Cool points awarded.

ChrisG - Are You Burning Blog Bridges?

Some people (NOT ME) are fond of using a snarky, snide, and otherwise smartass-y writing style. While this may get you some short-term attention and link-baitage reward, you could be hurting yourself in the long run. A good reminder for those of us (NOT ME) who's mouths and fingers get us into trouble a little too often.

Kumiko - AGLOCO Will Not Make Money Online! Ever!

While it is indeed possible that AGLOCO will fail to deliver, this is the most wrong-headed analysis I've seen yet. I like all the exclamation points, though; that's passion.


  1. I'm interested in your comment about my site. You've said that it is quite possible that AGLOCO will fail, yet you claim that my analysis is wrong-headed? Surely it's quite possible that I'm right-headed?

    Could you please elaborate on why it is wrong-headed? And, yes, I AM quite passionate about it!!!! :)

    Have a great day!!


  2. How much time do you have, Kumiko? :D I'll be as succinct as possible (but it won't work).

    I'm no AGLOCO cheerleader, but I think it represents risk-free opportunity potential (and nothing more until we see the Benjamins).

    Anyway, you said:

    "It's Multi Level Marketing at it's worst!!"

    What MLM doesn't require its members to either buy or sell something to make money? The lack of cost precludes AGLOCO - by definition - from being an MLM (or it's criminal, punk-ass little brother, the pyramid scheme)

    Even for those "at the bottom" (i.e., no referrals), you're still looking at making more than $0.00 -- $0.00 being the cost of membership.

    "The internet advertising market is saturated!"

    Yes. Let me ask you, if you were an affiliate marketer, would you buy products through your own affiliate links if allowed? I know I do.

    AGLOCO offers a similar value. Revenues from ad actions go back to the members. That is pretty decent incentive (not to mention that a user base in the millions would give leverage for sweeter private deals).

    "It failed before and it will fail again!"

    Why did AllAdvantage fail? They paid a predetermined fixed hourly rate for surfing. That worked fine during the bubble, but when it burst, that model proved unsustainable.

    AGLOCO, on the other hand, is tying their rates to profitability; so while I agree with you that AGLOCO - or any new company - can fail, such a failure would not be due to following the same model as AllAdvantage.

    "AllAdvantage... had paid out 120 million dollars to it's [10 million] members. That means that the average payout was less than $12!"

    If all their 10 million members were active surfers, that would be a phenomenal participation rate. :D

    Whatever the actual average was, from all accounts I've seen, the active member base was quite happy with their results.

    "I am not saying anything negative against Stanford MBA holders - just that having an MBA does not automatically lend surefire 100% credibility to the programs."

    Of course. However, looking up the bios of just two of the AGLOCO founders on Wikipedia (Ray Everett-Church and Jim Jorgensen) reveals pretty damn good credibility.

    For my perspective, AGLOCO represents a potentially good income stream with a capital risk of $0.00.

    Should people be singing the praises of AGLOCO? Negative -- although they are, and will. If you look at what I've posted on them, you'll find blessed little hyperbole and hype.

    Should people at least sign up and keep an eye on it? I think so.

    Should people be passionately heralding AGLOCO as the fourth rider of the apocalypse? I'll let you answer that one. ;)

    Thanks Kumiko,

  3. Thank you for your elaboration.

    Unlike many other AGLOCO commentators, you have actually made some interesting points. Of course, I'm not saying that I agree with them - just that they're interesting points! :)

    Thank you for taking the time to elaborate. It is refreshing and appreciated.


  4. ps- Teaser!! Haha!!! You got me there!!!

  5. Thanks for all the great tips, accessible to even "green" bloggers such as myself.

  6. Hi Eva,

    Glad you found something useful around here.

    SK looks interesting through your eyes, you should keep that up. :)


  7. I really enjoyed reading your blog about agloco.

  8. Hey Agloco -

    Thanks, I appreciate that. Maybe this month we'll get a better picture of what it's all about. -j


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