How to Take the Digg Effect Like Rocky Balboa

Write something good enough to make it to the Digg front page.

Endure obscene, INHUMAN levels of Digg traffic; fall down.

Against all odds, get up. Write this time about the beating Digg just gave you.

It shoots to the front page! Your site takes enough Digg effect to render it clinically dead this time.

Get up... "eye of the tiger, man."

Repeat until you've gone the DISTANCE.



Avinash said...

hahaha That was a pretty creative post, John! :) I wish it gets dugg too!

John said...

Thanks, Av. If only there was an elegant way to get the Rocky theme song in there... -j

Roger said...

Cool post John!

John said...

Roger: Thank you, kind sir. (Though your avatar is likely causing countless seizures) -j

Avinash said...

My pleasure, John! Finally, I had to add you in my blogroll because I just can't stop reading your articles!

John said...

Thanks once again Av, that's high praise. :D -j

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