10 Reasons to Use MyBlogLog

1. You genuinely want to connect with other bloggers.

2. You genuinely want to connect with well known, popular bloggers. So you can spam the hell out of them.

3. Your hit counter says "0" and you want it to stop doing that.

4. You want to find out how many bloggers are actually
sexist pigs sexy chicks in bikinis.

5. You want to witness the link-spam fiesta that is the comment section at any blog of sufficient popularity. (No Akismet for you!)

6. You want a long list of "Admirers" who have never seen your blog but somehow want to be your buddy. (Contact collection as a meta-game. Go ahead and cry.)

7. You cleverly understand the decoy-value of MyBlogLog, as the spammers and hangers-on swarm to your unmoderated MBL presence under the illusion that you and your community are more "accessible" there.

8. Your blog is an island nowhere near as lively as Gilligan's.

9. You want the cool outbound-link tracking function.

10. Tracking, schmacking. Did you know that sexist pigs scantily-clad women are running a bunch of blogs?


  1. Although MyBlogLog is a great concept I find that these days its full of spam and just used as a marketing tool for sblogs. However I still have the widget on my blog

  2. Hi Anthony,

    I like it so far, myself (warts aside). I suspect there's a threshold where a sufficiently popular blog is going to find diminishing returns in terms of value vis-a-vis spam control. People are already discovering ways to game the system.

    They really need to get some filtering mechanisms in there.

  3. Oh my God. You're so funny.

    And I know, it cracks me up that some guys use those pics of sexy, bikini-clad girls as their avatars.

    I chuckle at all the guys who leave drooling comments on their pages. If they only knew that most of them probably look like Dilbert in real life in some server cave.

  4. All those breasts need their own MBL community.

  5. Paula - Haha, poetic justice, though.

    TK - Yeah, so we can blow it up. >:D

  6. Hey John,

    Gotta say we've really enjoyed MyBlogLog over the 2 months we've been using it. It's been really cool to put a face to many of our readers.

    Also - and this is big here - we've gotten to meet a lot of really great blogs / independent thinkers / "doers" that we wouldn't have met otherwise - and in a very short time. I think it's an excellent networking tool for meeting like-minded bloggers.

    I think MBL has done a lot to bring the good folks making up the blogosphere closer together, or to at least notice each other.

    Have an awesome day!

  7. Hi Dan-

    Completely agree with you. MBL has a high percentage of interactive, sociable, outspoken people; which is very nice, and can be a huge boon to bloggers with smaller readerships.

    There's a lot they could to do to make it more useful and less annoying, but it seems to be on the right track. -j


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