Sassy My Assy

What a sad, sad piece of work The Sassy Blog is.

"Sassy" is a good word.

Feedburner is sassy.

Tenacious D is Sassy.

Famke Janssen is sassy.

Splogs, on the other hand, are not sassy. They're Assy. Not only is your splog a big bucket of ass, the website you're promoting with your splog is a whole bushel of further ass.

Considering your promotional methods, I guess that isn't surprising. A spam blog to promote a website full of get rich quick schemes and tired, rehashed, deader-than-dead content masquerading as a justification for existence.

So what do you have to say for yourself, "Sassy Enterprises"? Do the proceeds of your Assy web business soothe your battered conscience? I must presume you realize your sites amount to a pile of discarded junk mail.


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