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This product is the devil, but I'm sure people are making money with it. I hesitate to link to this site, because even looking at it makes me feel dirty; but any search for "make money online" is bound to bring it up anyway. So there it is.

First of all, the site is another junk mail-looking affair, complete with (my personal favorite) that yellow highlighter pen effect. Seriously, when you see one of these sites, hide your credit card.

Here's a tagline:

"Let me Show You How to Build An Empire
Of Affiliate Cash Machines On Auto Pilot
With Blogs!"

The red text was added by me to highlight an Evil Phrase. Evil phrases indicate a scam, something sleazy, something useless in a general sense, or just general BS. Let's see what category "RSS to Blog" falls into.

"Never Search For New Content For Your Blogs Again, Let Other People Write the Content. You Just Post it to Your Blog!"

Getting a strong sleazy vibe here.

"Eliminate footprints that the search engines can use to track you down. Random Posting Times - Make posts at varying times to your blog."

Why wouldn't we want search engines to "track us down"? Oh, I get it: because there is nothing original on our blog. It gives readers nothing they couldn't get from the source, because our blog has nothing but the equivalent of copy/pasted content. Otherwise known as spam. What's the word I'm looking for...? Oh, thanks, Wikipedia:

"Spam blogs, sometimes referred to by the neologism splogs, are weblog sites which the author uses only for promoting affiliated websites. The purpose is to increase the PageRank of the affiliated sites, get ad impressions from visitors, and/or use the blog as a link outlet to get new sites indexed. Content is often nonsense or text stolen from other websites with an unusually high number of links to sites associated with the splog creator which are often disreputable or otherwise useless websites."

So what "RSS to Blog" really is, is "RSS to Splog". An automated spam empire! Do people make money by spamming? Oh yes. Sadly, I'd never make enough money to buy a mirror that I could actually look at myself in if I were to use slimey products like this to junk up the internet.

Research on this product shows websites (of dubious integrity) endorsing it all over the place, so there's little doubt that there's profit to be had using it. They can have it. I'm just here to make some money, not sell my soul, thanks.


  1. I think you sold your soul to GOOGLE!


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