Retard Roundup 6/22/2006


My Automatic Money
Tagline: "How to Magically Force The Internet to Make YOU rich."
Comments: The wide-eyed cheshire grin of the girl on their banner made me wonder if this "opportunity" involved psychotropic substances.

Prosperity Automated System
Tagline: The Only 100% Automated Multi-Income Marketing Portal that Showers You With Hand-Free Cash!"
Comments: This site "showers" you with something, and it ain't cash.

Tagline:"Imagine being in total control of your finances, being debt free, and being able to buy just about anything you want. Now, STOP imaging it and discover EXACTLY how to do it."
Comments: This guy is such a used-car salesmen that he actually tries to sell you a car in his video.

Ultimate Wealth Package

Tagline: ""Are You Ready To Make Thousands Of Dollars Every Week. Working Less Than One Hour Per Day."
Comments: No, and your punctuation sucks.

Type at Home

Tagline: "Type at Home and Start Making Incredible Money Today... Working only 30 - 45 Minutes a day!"
Comments: This program saved me money. I typed this smartass comment instead of paying them $50 buck so I could "type at home".

Adsense Wealth Empire

Tagline: "We Made Over $1,000,000 With AdSense !!!"
Comments: Beware of "Millionaires" selling "Secrets".

Global Domains International
Tagline: "Are You Tired of Working Hard to Make Someone Else Rich?"
Comments: "Then work hard to make us rich."

Michael Hamburger
Tagline: "Are you ready to write YOUR success story?"
Comments: Hey look, he was featured in "HBC Magazine". Never heard of it? Me either. So I looked into it. If you need new birdcage lining, look no further: it's free!

Pay-It-Forward 4 Profits
Tagline: "A Completely Different Approach To 'Business Opportunities' Took Us From Broke To $2,500 A Day, Working Only Part-Time – And We're Convinced Anybody Can Copy What We Are Doing Once You Let Us Teach You!"
Comments: A. I did not make that name up; B. Wear sunglasses.

Plug-In Profit Site
Tagline: "Follow 3 Easy Steps And I Will Personally Build A Money Making Website For You That's 100% Ready To Take Orders And Pull In Massive Residual Profits..."
Comments: Read his entire spiel and he will personally make you dumber.

Please, please; don't feed the sharks.


  1. Great to see you awake again! :)


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