MoneyMaking Mommy

The site is pretty well-designed, I'll give it that. The tagline is "Make Money Online, Work at Home Jobs and Home Employment Ideas." Huh. Maybe I'm just cynical, but that sounds more like three keywords than a good mission statement.

Anyway, this isn't your typical sleazy money-making site. No get-rich-quick stuff (for the most part) and no sales pitches. I believe the site is designed for "mommies" in that much of the opportunities listed appear to be alternatives to Amway, Tupperware, etc., ie., "I'm stuck at home, marginally skilled and any money is good money." I don't mean that as an insult, that's just how it is for many in our particular society.

It's got your basic mystery shopper, "home assembly", MLM-type stuff; nothing really exciting. Unfortunately, not only is this stuff not exciting, it's often difficult to actually get the job unless it's direct sales-type stuff; and in the case of direct sales/MLM, it's easy to sign up, but difficult to actually make any money.

Still, the webmaster tries to make sure everything on the site is legit, and it's a cozy little spot compared to the obnoxious world of scams, spam and internet marketing "gurus" whose true forte is parting you from your money.

I was kinda hoping the forums would be a nice little community, but the amount of posts in each section were a little depressing, and telling:


Business Opportunities: 2014
Direct Sales: 395
Products On Sale: 90
No Cost Business Opportunites: 11
Work At Home Jobs: 10
Work At Home Success Stories: 0

As I said, a little depressing. General discussion also appears to be about nil. It's unfortunate that a community of stay-at-home moms hasn't materialized there, as I think they could use as many of those as possible.

In conclusion, I think there is some decent information on the site and a few interesting ideas, but I'm not Finding The Money there; it seems few others are, either.


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