Microsoft adCenter: Worth Using?

Update: Ads approved within an hour. Not bad.

Is Microsoft adCenter worth using? That is the question. I'm trying it out, and We Shall See. Shan't We.

AdCenter is Microsoft's online advertising system set up to compete with Google Adwords and Yahoo! The differentiation they're advertising is being able to get detailed consumer demographics as well as being able to set your ads to run at certain times of the day or week. Nifty.

One thing I will report is that it currently only works properly with IE6. I'm going to have to go ahead and say LAME. Integration with other browsers wasn't even much of a priority for MS until a bunch of users threw a fit about it; but they did, and now it is. Good.

Other Observations:
  • There is a $5 account setup fee. Huh.
  • The adCenter interface can be a little slow. Nothing surprising there, hopefully that'll improve.
  • When entering ads, you type all the ad copy on one line and then have to mess around to get it to look right on the two-line preview for how the ad will actually appear. I foresee funky-looking ads from less-than-anal advertisers.
Updates to come.

adCenter Home Page
official adCenter blog


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