The main page of this site has about as many Adsense ads as there is content. Further, menu links are made to look similar to the Adsense ads and are lined up with the google banners, so you might just accidentally click an ad (cha-ching) instead of a menu item.

And people wonder why some of their ads don't convert well. Classy.

Looking through their categories while trying to avoid accidentally clicking an ad (as an advertiser's loss is evidently their gain), you basically get spam and scams of all sorts: Get-rich-quick schemes, "get paid for surveys" fluff, "make money while you sleep" banner exchange schemes (yeah, right), etc.

In a nutshell, this site is designed to MAX the webmaster's INCOME by screwing Adsense advertisers and linking to every scam, spam, useless money-making program and fleece-the-suckers scheme they can find, great and small.

If you're Looking For The Money, run screaming from this one.


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