Here's the link. This is a money-making website... for the authors. I'm sure. It starts off with the ol' "I understand your pain" tactic:

"Chances are you're surfing the web looking for the easy money holy grail. And you've arrived here after a quick search in Google, Yahoo or MSN for 'make money online', 'making money online', 'how to make money online' etc.

You've probably found yourself going round and round only to find that most of the sites offering you the info you might want are charging for it. The other problem is the more you look the more options there are and the more there seems to be that you need to do just to get started. You're getting confused."

La la la. Here's something I like. They go on to "dispel some myths" about making money online, and say:

"1: There is no holy grail, but there is a simple secret, more of that in a minute."

Once again, I highlighted in red the Evil Word. It's not always an evil word, but most of the time it is. The word "secret" is an internet marketing "magic word" that's supposed to pique your interest and get you receptive. You actually have to click on a link at the end of the article to receive the "secret", but I've already done it, so save your mouse-clicking finger. What a deal. I'll go into the "secret" in a minute.

Anyway, so they just told us there's "no holy grail", right? Well, later in the article:

"Now I said there was no holy grail and I stand by that. There may be no holy grail but I have the next best thing and it's FREE!!"

Ohhhh... now we understand; we've been looking for the Holy Grail when really we should have been looking for the next best thing. Bleh. How lame.

Anyway, "FREE!!" is an Evil Word because it's disingenuous. The only reason it's FREE!! is because it's just more advertising. When's the last time you felt privileged for receiving junk mail? You do realize it's FREE!!, don't you?

The "Secret"

So what arcane secret do we get for clicking the link at the end of the article? The secret is...

If you want to make loads of money online...

you need...

"Internet Traffic".

Let me tell you, I was so glad I read through the whole article looking for the secret, and then clicked on the secret link to receive it.

Not really. Getting traffic to make money is, actually, not a secret at all. You could have gotten that information anywhere, without all the advertising. But of course, when someone isn't trying to sell something, they don't call it a "secret".

So what are they trying to get you to buy, anyway? Well, they use Adsense, which I can hardly fault anyone for; but what they're actually trying to get you to buy - or buy into - are internet marketing E-books. You basically have two kinds: the FREE!! kind, which are extended advertisements for somebody's product, or the for-pay kind, which may or may not have useful information in them, and usually include advertising anyway.

I hate internet marketing E-books. All you can learn from them, best-case, is how to sell internet marketing E-books. Generally, though, E-books about making money are just rehashes of information you can get for free already, albeit spoken as though from a used car salesman (and who doesn't love used car salesmen).

Let me tell you how to make some money online. Write a blog like this one and stick Adsense on it.

Whoa, wait a minute... let me rephrase that.

Let me show you the secrets of building wealth online! This is the stuff they don't want you to know!

I can't believe I'm doing this, I must be crazy, but if you buy my E-book within the next 10 seconds, it will only cost $1.00!!!

You can't buy COFFEE for that much these days! You could be in the black within 24 hours!

Now, here are the secrets you've purchased. Don't tell anyone where you got it!

**** Begin E-book ****

Write a blog like this one and stick Adsense on it.

**** End E-book ****

Thank you very much for your $1.00. Next sucker, please. *Evil Laugh *

Anyway, I'm not saying the site is crap; maybe there's some decent information in there. Somewhere. But I'm not a big fan of money-making sites that are focused around getting you to buy information about internet marketing, with the main content being an extended sales pitch. I don't like internet marketing "magic words", either. To that end, I can thank the E-books I did, in fact, buy years ago; for making me aware of just who I'm dealing with, merely by their manner of writing. So I can avoid them.


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