How to Make 100 Dollars (Without Spending A Dime)

Do a Google search on "How to make 100 dollars" - the results will be crap. Get-rich-quick schemes, scams, and fun advice like "rob a bank". What if you're really just looking to make 100 bucks or so, and not a million? What if you don't want to build a "passive automated money-making machine", or (supposedly) make $100 dollars a day; but just, plain and simply, want to legitimately make $100 dollars without spending a dime? Although most of the sites you'll find on this topic - as you surely know - suck in various ways, the real problem is that their claims just don't work. I'm going to show you one that does. How to Make $100 Dollars Online - Without Spending A Dime You Will Need:
  • A website or blog
  • 7 friends or family that like music
  • $0.00 dollars.
Step 1: Have a website or blog If you don't have one, get one. Either can be had for free. I recommend a blog. It's easy, fast, and you can write about whatever interests you. Family, friends, sports, whatever. Whatever you choose, plan to add some real content to it; there are enough splogs as it is.
  • If you need a blog, sign up for here. Otherwise skip to Step 2
Step 2: Example
  • Sign Up For Free SuperPass (Aff. This is the process you'll be sending people through to make your $100 - or more - without spending a dime.)
Step 3: Sign up for the affiliate program. This is why you need a website or blog. The sign-up form (provided by Commission Junction) requires it. However, doesn't care how you introduce people to their products as long as it's ethical and legal. Pay-per-click, email campaigns (not spam), etc., are all cool with them. Sign up for the Real Affiliate Program here. After you're in the affiliate program:
  • Sign in at
  • choose Get Links => By Relationship
  • Find RealNetworks in the list and choose "View Links"
  • Click a link for Superpass, a Link Detail box will pop up
  • Press the "Get HTML" button
  • Copy the code to Notepad
  • Put the link on your blog, website, or email
Step 4: Have at least 7 friends sign up for a free 14 day trial of Superpass through your affiliate link Superpass comes with a free 14 day free trial. Free, as in it doesn't cost anything. Have your friends/family sign up through your website/blog/email/whatever. You'll get $15 every time someone signs up for a free trial. 7 x 15 = $105. So, you made $105, and you and your friends get two weeks of free entertainment Wait a minute, you just got over $100 without spending anything; someone has to be the loser here, right? Wrong!
  • You win: for obvious reasons
  • Your friends win: 14 days of free, legal, high quality music from Elvis Presley to Panic at the Disco. There isn't much that they don't have, and it streams/downloads fast.
  • RealNetworks wins: there's a reason they're willing to pay for free trials -- Superpass is a great product, many don't want to let it go.
So, there's the scoop. Go out and make 100 dollars. It's easier than you think.

What Next?

Need more cash? Here are the paid surveys I recommend (aff):
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  2. Click here to join CashCrate


  1. nice one. unfortunately most of the offers are not available for international non-american citizens..

  2. You are my savior! Thank you!!

  3. This was a very tricky tip from a musician.


  4. I've been researching affilate programs and this one is very appealing compared to most of them. Thank you. :)

  5. Anything else free with Pay-per-click. Readers or music lover usually loves anything free. Thank you.

  6. thank you very much sir. your post helped me a lot.god bless you.

  7. ur making money of this too with your link!!!
    I'll sign up and try. Btw how do they send the money?

  8. If you just follow the guide, I don't make any money, unfortunately. If you decide to sign up to any of the services I give as examples, though, I do.

    They send payments by check or direct deposit, I believe. Thanks much for your comment.

  9. how do i know that this is legit and not something that is going to steal my identity? how do i receive the money in a safe manor?

  10. Good questions to ask. Commission Junction (the service I'm recommending here) is a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

  11. What I go to try and get the link it says pending application, does that mean that they are still looking over the application I sent in or what?

  12. Yeah Cashcrater -- make sure your blog/site can be accessed and they should process your application soon.

  13. my application is still pending, how long did it take them to accept yours?

  14. Was a long time ago, don't quite remember. Usually shouldn't take more than a few days, though.


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