All You Need to Know About the Commission Junction Link Change Issue

If you don't use Commission Junction and are just wondering what some people are freaking out about:

Commission junction makes people a lot of money. CJ is, at some point, going to change how affiliate links work(javascript instead of plain links). Therefore, they are messing with people's money. Hense, freaking-out ensues.

If you want to know how people people use Commission Junction - i.e.,where your piece of the pie is - see postage here.

If you're only using Commission Junction with PPC engines or email campaigns:

You don't care. Nothing's going to change for you.

If you have a website that is all silly with Commission Junction links, integration, database support, or otherwise have smoothly running CJ link convolution all over your site:
  • You're in for a bunch of work. The way you've incorporated links into your site might not work anymore.
  • Eventually, all your links are going to have to change.
  • All the clever stuff you did to incorporate your own tracking mechanisms are going to get messed up (probably)
  • There may be perfomance issues - javascript is not not known for being speedy
  • Some users don't even have javascript running. Ouch
And then of course, you know there are going to be bugs when you change things. Lost revenue.

The good news is, none of this will be happening before 2007, and CJ promises you a six-month warning before they go messing your empire all up.

So, that's the issue. A number of webmasters are pissed off about it and made a petition. If you're feeling protest-y, go sign it.


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